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Parking information

Looking for parking area near Notting Leaf B&B? Just followring our Parking information and take a walk in minutes. you will find a space in seconds.  
想了解民宿週圍的停車資訊嗎? 只需幾秒鐘參考我們整理好的停車資訊,步行幾分鐘就能輕鬆回到民宿.


1. 付費停車格  RP1 RP2 RP3   (Roadside Parking Area)
    09:00-19:00  (20/H 60/day)   每小時20,上限60/天 

    19:00-09:00  (Free parking)   夜間免費停車

2. 免費停車區 FP1 FP2     (Free Parking Area)
    FP1 Private land for free parking in Holiday.         
            私人草皮 假日開放停車 

    FP2 White lane for free parking anytime.                 
            路邊白線 全年免費停

3. 機車(Scooter)

   免費停放於 前院外圍 專用停車區 (parking in green zone)

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